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[service icon="fire" title="Alert Group"]Welcome to the Group ready to put heart and soul for the Godiji Temple and Jain community.We organize Bhakti Bhawana every Saturday with full live set of Musical instruments.Come and Join and Enjoy the divine peace of connecting to the God and Praise him followed by AARTI.[/service] [service icon="check" title="Maruwama Mandal"]Maruwama Mandal is a group of dedicated Women devoted to singing to the for  Godiji Derasar and organizing Snatra Pooja. Maruwama Mandal performs Pooja's, sings and performs plays during the Festivals[/service] [service icon="dashboard" title="BJSM"]BJSM mandal plays during Band and musical instruments during Jain religious processions.They provides books to the students at a very subsidized rate and allow them to grow in their career.[/service]

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